An Introduction

Be like water my friend.

Welcome to The Water Method; thoughts and theories on Tai Chi in the modern world. I’m Rob Argent, and in this blog, I’ll be talking about the way that Tai Chi has adapted through the years, from a fighting style in ancient times, to a state approved health practice in the Chinese Communist era, to it’s modern incarnation, incorporating both of these things, and much more.

How do we define ourselves as martial artists?

Each month I will be uploading a new post about the martial arts and how they fit in with our day to day lives, in a time when the majority of us don’t require hand to hand fighting skills or knowledge of obscure combat practices. It has been almost thirty years since I first stepped foot in a Karate dojo for the very first time, and since then I’ve trained in May Thai in Thailand, Kung Fu in America and Tai Chi in China. Over the years and miles, I’ve seen a wide assortment of different practices and styles, and each one has something that we can learn from.


In the first few months of this blog, I will be looking at the practicality of martial arts and what we can learn from them aside from the obvious striking and grappling. After that, I will be moving on to how we define ourselves as martial artists and what we can do to help build our own identities through our training, and what we can do to help others. And after that, who knows? If there are any burning questions that people have, or any topics that they would like to see raised, then please leave a comment at the bottom of the posts and I’ll be sure to look into them.

Be like water.

That brings us to the end of this introduction; I hope you’ll enjoy The Water Method and will join me next time for another discussion about the martial arts in the modern world. So until then, be like water.

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